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About EGBA

The European Gaming and Betting Association, also known as EGBA, was founded in the year 2007. It is a nonprofit association formed by the 7 main front runners of the online gambling industry. The main purpose of EGBA is to allow for online casinos to offer their services to the whole European continent.

The European Gaming and Betting Association was created under the same thinking as that of the European Union. EGBA fights against the government in Europe that want to monopolies online gambling or the governments that completely ban it. European Gaming and Betting Association is not afraid of taking those government on a legal battle front if they have to.

One other aim of the European Gaming and Betting Association is to make sure that the services offered by other online gambling casinos are responsible, secure and organized. The EGBA has its own set of standards and rules that must be followed to the letter by all of the members of the association.

For an online gambling casino or business to join the European Gaming and Betting Association they must first comply with all the necessary requirements of the association. Some of which include:

* The business must offer 24/7 customer care service
* There must be an in-depth customer checks performed on the clients
* Allow for the gamblers to set their own limits
* The online casino must commit to responsible gaming
* The online casino must submit to regular audits from a 3rd party testing facility

European Gaming and Betting Association is explicitly against the laundering of money through the online gambling services. The association tries to promote social responsibility amongst the members. The members of the EGBA must enforce strong anti-laundering policies in their online gambling businesses. When it comes to social responsibility EGBA has put problem gambling facilities to help those who are distractively addicted to gambling.